NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Advisory Board


The overall purpose of the NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Advisory Board is to lead, develop and promote the NHS Scotland approach to Global Citizenship:

  • provide leadership, support and guidance to the development of NHS Scotland's approach to Global Citizenship
  • set the direction for the NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Programme by approving strategies and plans that support the policies and priorities set by the Scottish Government's International Development Strategy 
  • ensure that our policies and approaches align and support the needs of the developing countries involved with the NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Programme
  • engage with key stakeholders to promote the delivery of NHS Scotland's approach to Global Citizenship 
  • support and guide the work of the NHS Global Health Co-ordination Unit 


  • John Brown, Chair, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (Chair)
  • Michael McKirdy, Vice Chair. Director of Global Health, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (Vice Chair)
  • Gregor Smith, Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Scottish Government
  • Carolyn McDonald, Chief Allied Health Professions Officer, Scottish Government
  • Ralph Roberts, Chief Executive, NHS Borders
  • David Garbutt, Chair, NES
  • Fiona Hogg, NHS Scotland Chief People Officer, Scottish Government
  • David Miller, Director of Workforce, NHS Fife
  • Liz Grant, Director of Global Health, Edinburgh University
  • Charlie McCarthy, Advanced Emergency Nurse Practitioner, Staff side representative, Unison
  • Joanna Keating, Head of International Development, Scottish Government
  • Sara Davies, Public Health Consultant, Scottish Government
  • Emily Broadis, Specialist Registrar in Public Health, NHS A and A
  • Angela Harkness, External Advisor on Corporate and Charitable Investment
  • Katie Hayes, Chair of Lead Champions Network, NHS Fife
  • Dr Lesley Crichton, Professional Advisor to NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Programme, NHS Tayside



Contact the Scottish Global Health Co-ordination Unit at: ScottishGHCU@scot.gov

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