International development: Global South Panel


The Global South Panel was established in 2022, with its first meeting taking place on 22 October 2022.

The Panel will enable the Scottish Government to access a wider and more diverse range of voices and experience, and lend expertise to our 2016 Global Citizenship: Scotland's International Development Strategy (‘the Strategy’).

Constituted of a group that includes:

  • global south academics
  • thematic experts from our partner countries
  • representatives of our partner country diaspora in Scotland

Our aim is to ensure global south voices continue to be heard at Ministerial level, to ensure ongoing dialogue and to drive and support further positive change.

The Panel will play a critical role in helping deliver the objectives set by Scottish Ministers and in ensuring we commit funds in pursuit of these goals both effectively and efficiently.


  • Minister for Culture, Europe and International Development
  • Mrs Joyce Phiri – Chair, Association of Malawian in Scotland
  • Dr Thierry Claudien Uhawenimana, Board Member Rwanda Scotland Alliance
  • Mr Christopher Mutawali, Chair Scotland Zambia Partnership
  • Ms Antonia Mutoro FAWE (Rwanda)
  • Ms Letty Chiwara, UNWomen (Malawi)
  • Prof Emmanuel Makasa (Zambia)


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