Future of Instrumental Music Tuition in Schools Working Group


This working group has been established to consider the intent, impact, and broader implications of our policy commitment to the removal of fees for instrumental music tuition and the mainstreaming of instrumental music tuition as part of music education in Scotland’s education system and to provide recommendations on a model for a long-term sustainable instrumental music tuition service.


  • Aileen Monaghan/Teri McIntosh, Education Scotland
  • Anne Keenan, EIS
  • Peter Nicholson, Sistema Scotland
  • Ian Mills, MEPG
  • John Urquhart, COSLA
  • John Wallace, MEPG
  • Mae Murray, MEPG (Secretariat)
  • Michael Wood/Peter McNaughton, ADES
  • Nick Kuenssberg, RCS
  • Shonagh Stevenson, HITS
  • Zarina Naseem, Scottish Government (Convenor)
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