Fisheries Management and Conservation Group (FMAC)


FMAC is a co-management stakeholder forum concerned with all issues connected to sea fisheries management.

FMAC has been organised in line with the updated terms of reference. Previous versions of this page are available on the archive.


Inshore fisheries sub-group


Focusing on fisheries management and wider marine issues in the inshore fisheries sector, and also includes RIFG chairs.

Scottish scallop sector sub-group


Focusing on fisheries management and wider marine issues in the scallop sector, building on Scottish scallop sector working group (SSSWG).

Climate change sub-group


Focusing on climate change in a sea fisheries context, as part of the Fisheries Management (FFM) strategy.

Future catching policy (FCP) and discards sub-group


Focusing on the development and implementation of the FCP, linked to specific technical level workshops. This group will also consider additional monitoring tools going forward.

Research and evidence base sub-group


Cross reaching across other sub-groups and other general marine research discussions.

Fisheries management plans sub-group


Focusing on the development and delivery of the 21 Scottish Government led Fisheries Management Plans.


FMAC is chaired by the Marine Scotland Direcotrate and has representatives from:

  • fishing industry representative bodies
  • fish producer organisations
  • environmental organisations
  • marine policy, science and compliance officials


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