Consumer Scotland


Consumer Scotland will have the general function of providing consumer advocacy and advice with a view to:

  • reducing harm to consumers in Scotland
  • increasing confidence among consumers in Scotland in dealing with businesses that supply goods and services to consumers
  • increasing the extent to which consumer matters are taken into account by public authorities in Scotland
  • promoting sustainable consumption of natural resources, and other environmentally sustainable practices in relation to the acquisition, use and disposal of goods by consumers in Scotland
  • otherwise advancing inclusion, fairness, prosperity and other aspects of wellbeing in Scotland

Consumer Scotland will also work with existing consumer organisations, conducting investigations into the most serious issues of consumer harm in Scotland.

It was established by the Consumer (Scotland) Act 2020.


The chair and board members of Consumer Scotland all took up post on 1 July 2021. The board will now operate under a shadow body, supported by Scottish Government officials. The main priority for the board will be the development of the body’s workplan for 2022 to 2023 which will inform the work of Consumer Scotland in its first year.

Stakeholder engagement will be key to the work of Consumer Scotland and there is a commitment to build on and complement existing organisations, and work in partnership to promote the interests of consumers in Scotland.


  • David Wilson (Chair)
  • Nick Martin
  • Angela Morgan
  • James Walker