Carer Benefits Advisory Group


The Carer Benefits Advisory Group was set up in November 2015 to advise Scottish Ministers on developing policy for social security benefits for carers.

The group advises on:

  • the evidence base to support policy decisions
  • carer user and stakeholder engagement
  • fit with the emerging policy landscape
  • interaction with wider Scottish and UK social security benefits

The group meets around every six months, with workshops in between as needed to support policy making.


  • Ellen Searle, Scottish Government (Chair)
  • Jane Sterry, Scottish Government Scottish Carer’s Assistance Policy Lead
  • Sohel Ahmed, Scottish Government Live Carer Benefits Policy Lead

  • Pabby Johnson, Scottish Government (Secretariat)
  • Sharon McGuire – Scottish Government Carers Policy lead
  • Steve McCabe, Social Security Programme, Scottish Government
  • Scottish Government Social Security Analysts
  • Lisa Lowe, Social Security Scotland
  • Fiona Collie, Carers Scotland
  • Paul Traynor, Carers Trust
  • Margaret Chiwanza, MECOPP
  • Mike Brown, Social Work Scotland
  • Hannah Ross, CoSLA
  • Shirley Morris, VOCAL
  • Roisin Connolly, Highland Carers Centre
  • Margaret Chiwanza, MECOPP
  • Anne Baldock, One Parent Families Scotland
  • Angela Toal, Child Poverty Action Group
  • Jill Wood, Engender
  • Stephanie Millar, Citizens Advice Scotland
  • Bill Scott, Inclusion Scotland


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