Bee Health Improvement Partnership (BHIP)


This partnership was established following the publication of the Honey Bee Health Strategy.

It aims to work in partnership to achieve a healthy and sustainable population of honey bees in Scotland

The strategy focuses on:

  • education, training and knowledge transfer
  • communication and partnership working across government, operational partners, stakeholders and all of those with an interest in honey bees in Scotland
  • pest and disease surveillance, prevention, diagnosis, and control
  • research and development
  • on-going review of the regulatory framework

The BHIP is responsible for the delivery and implementation of the Honey Bee Health Strategy. It meets around four times a year, with a fifth meeting at the end of the year to review the strategy, the actions of the previous year and agree future direction.


The BHIP is made up of representatives from:

  • The Scottish Beekeepers Association (SBA)
  • The Bee Farmers Association (BFA)
  • National Diploma in Beekeeping (NDB)
  • Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC)
  • NatureScot
  • Scottish Government’s Animal Health and Welfare Division, RPID and SASA



Bees Health Improvement Partnership (BHIP)
c/o Scottish Government
P-Spur, Saughton House
Edinburgh, EH11 3XD


The Bee Health Improvement Partnership minutes prior to summer 2018 are available on the archive.

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