Aviation Lighting Guidance Working Group


Onshore wind turbines in the UK with a tip height of over 150 metres are required to adopt a lighting system to protect air traffic. To ensure these lighting systems' landscape and visual impacts are consistently assessed, we established the Aviation Lighting Guidance Working Group in August 2021.

The group's objective is to produce guidance for onshore wind energy stakeholders, such as the renewables sector and local planning authorities. This guidance will be used when assessing the landscape and visual impacts of aviation lighting installed on onshore wind turbines.

This is a short-term (18 to 24 month) group that meets every 6 to 8 weeks and is closed to additional members.

The group welcomes and invites comments from the renewables industry, planners and wider decision makers and stakeholders on the structure and content of this guidance.


  • Geum Howatson, Locogen (Chair)
  • James Welch, OP-EN (Vice-Chair)
  • Alexandra Long, Welsh Assembly
  • Andy Wells, CAA
  • Catherine Harry, Nature Scot
  • Dan Walker, LUC
  • Joe Penrose, BEIS
  • Kelly Anderson, Stephenson Halliday
  • Martin McGroarty, HOPS
  • Mike Shepherd, NatureScot
  • Stuart Grady, MoD
  • Stuart Lumsden, Leeds University
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