Agriculture and Climate Change Strategic Group


This group is no longer active.


The Agriculture and Climate Change Strategic Group (ACCSG) was established in 2006 with a remit to: 

  • provide oversight of our work on climate change and agriculture, and scrutinise our legislation, spending, policies and other activities
  • provide expert advice to all Group members on issues related to climate change and agriculture, from their own perspective in industry, science or the environment
  • act as liaison between their own organisation and others on the Group on matters related to agriculture and climate change
  • share information with the Group on climate change activities being undertaken by their own organisation

Core areas

The ACCSG will focus on:

  • mitigation, especially development and implementation of the agriculture part of the Third Report on Policies and Proposals (RPP3)
  • adaptation
  • agri-renewables (whether used on-farm or exported to the grid)
  • communicating the benefits of climate change mitigation, adaption and renewables
  • reviewing the scientific programme and advice given on agriculture and climate change

The Group will meet three to four times per year.

Outwith group meetings, members should continue to co-operate and share with each other activities and information that would be of interest to others.


Organisation: Name:

Agricultural Industries Confederation Scotland (AICS) 

Dave Freeman, Kevin Mills


Sarah Govan

Scottish Forestry

Amy Nicolson

James Hutton Institute (JHI)

Deb Roberts, Keith Matthews

Scottish Environment LINK

Jim Densham

Scottish Beef Association (SBA)

Neil McCorkindale

National Farmers Union Scotland (NFUS)

Ruth Taylor

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS)

Jim McLaren

Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) / SAC Consulting

Rebecca Audsley, Thomas Foot, Vera Eory, Iain Riddell, Michael Macleod

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Mark Aitken

Scottish Government

Kim Gallacher

Scottish Land and Estates (SLE)

Eleanor Kay

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)

Cecile Smith

Scottish Tenant Farmers Association (STFA)

Alistair Nairn

Soil Association

David Michie

Farming 1.5 Inquiry

Keesje Avis


Andrew Midgley


George Milne


John Cameron

Williamwood Farm

S A Clarke



Email: Central Enquiries Unit

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