Scottish Surveys Core Questions (SSCQ)

Documents relating to the Scottish Surveys Core Questions.


The Scottish Surveys Core Questions (SSCQ) is an annual Official Statistics publication. SSCQ is a result of a harmonised design across the three major Scottish Government household surveys, envisaged in the Long Term Survey Strategy.

SSCQ affords the production of reliable and detailed information on the composition, characteristics and attitudes of Scottish households and adults across a number of topic areas including equality characteristics, housing, employment and perceptions of health and crime.

Previously published documents relating to the SSCQ may be found at the Scottish Government's web archive.

Scottish Surveys Core Questions

From January 2012 a set of 20 core questions have been asked in the Scottish Household Survey, the Scottish Health Survey and the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey. In addition, where two or more surveys ask questions on the same topic, wording has been harmonised. Both core and harmonised questions are recommended for use in ad-hoc and local surveys.



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