Marine energy research symposium

Conferences highlighting current and future opportunities for marine renewables in Scotland.


The 4th ScotMER Symposium will take place on 1 -3 December, 2020. This event will present recent research on seabirds, marine mammals, fish, benthic and socioeconomics , in relation to offshore renewable developments, as well as provide an update on the Scottish Government’s commitment to a Blue Economy Action Plan and the Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind. We will also hold a session to get views on the key evidence gaps for new floating wind technology. See the programme for this event.

The 3rd ScotMER symposium took place in March 2020, and focused on research and monitoring around offshore wind developments on the east coast of Scotland. A wide range of topics were presented and discussed, including monitoring work conducted by current offshore wind developers on the East Coast of Scotland and developing guidance that could affect the focus of this work. The symposium also provided a platform for environmental NGOs, the fishing industry, advisory bodies and regulatory bodies to present on future challenges for the industry and socioeconomic and environmental research.


In March 2019, Marine Scotland held its 2nd Scottish Marine Energy Research (ScotMER) symposium. The symposium showcased recent research and new methods being developed to understand the potential interactions between marine mammals and renewable energy developments, and covered topics such as noise, strategic monitoring, collision risk, and modelling population level consequences of disturbance.


In October 2018, Marine Scotland showcased research projects undertaken in collaboration with organisations across Scotland and Europe, in the First ScotMER symposium.

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