Graeme Logan

Graeme Logan has been Director of Learning since June 2019.


The Director of Learning is responsible for all aspects of Scottish school system policy, including raising attainment, school infrastructure, teachers, curriculum and assessment, health and wellbeing, support for learners, digital learning, Gaelic and Scots languages.

This includes work on a number of national programmes, notably Curriculum for Excellence, the Scottish Attainment Challenge, the National Improvement Framework for Education and the Delivery Plan for Education.


Graeme was previously the Deputy Director of Learning in the Scottish Government.

Until December 2017 he was interim HM Chief Inspector of Education and Chief Education Advisor to Scottish Ministers. 

Graeme previously held a number of senior roles at Education Scotland. In the role of Strategic Director - School Years he had responsibility for supporting the curriculum, learning, teaching and assessment. He worked on the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence and led the programme of school inspections. 

Prior to this, Graeme was Assistant Director of Community Learning and Development (CLD). This included policy responsibility for all aspects of CLD and supporting and evaluating key areas such as prison education. He has also held the role of HM Inspector of Education.

In 2010 to 2011, Graeme was seconded to be professional advisor to the National Review of Teacher Education, resulting in the publication of Teaching Scotland’s Future.  Prior to joining Education Scotland in 2008, Graeme was a headteacher in a West Lothian school.

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