Fiona Robertson

Director, Learning

Fiona Robertson

Fiona Robertson has been Director of Learning since June 2013.


The Director of Learning is responsible for all aspects of Scottish school system policy, including raising attainment, school infrastructure, teachers, curriculum and assessment, health and wellbeing, support for learners, digital learning and Gaelic and Scots languages.

This includes work on a number of national programmes, notably Curriculum for Excellence, the Scottish Attainment Challenge, the National Improvement Framework for Education and the Delivery Plan for Education.


Fiona joined the Scottish Government as an Economist and spent much of her early career providing analysis on the performance of the Scottish Economy.

She has since undertaken a number of central strategy roles, including a review of Scotland's public bodies; leading the Spending Review; and Head of Economic Strategy. More recently, her roles have focused on improving outcomes for children and young people, first as Deputy Director for Children and Families and, since 2013, as Director for Learning.

Fiona is a graduate of the University of Strathclyde and the University of Glasgow.