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Nursing 2030 Vision

ISBN 9781788511001
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJuly 13, 2017


ISBN 978 1 78851 100 1 (web only publication)
PPDAS 265601

This document is also available in pdf format (987 KB)


Nursing 2030 Vision at a glance

A message from the Chief Nursing Officer

Nursing in numbers

1. Why do we need a Nursing 2030 Vision?

2. How did the Vision grow?

3. Nursing 2030 Vision
Personalising care
Promoting caring and compassion
Taking technology-enabled care forward
Preparing nurses for future needs and roles
Securing nurses for the future
Working differently
Promoting health and wellbeing, and tackling inequalities
Enhancing leadership
Supporting nurses
Encouraging education and development
Promoting nurses' health and wellbeing
Ensuring supervision and support
Demonstrating impact

4. Next steps