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Statutory Guidance on Part 3 (Children's Services Planning) of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateDecember 23, 2016


ISBN 978 1 78652 709 7 (Web only publication)
PPDAS 83630

This document is also available in pdf format (880KB)


An addendum was published on 5th April 2017 at Appendix C (PDF page 94) with the addition of t) An integration joint board to which functions in relation to persons under 18 years of age are delegated in pursuance of an integration scheme prepared under section 1 or 2 of the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014. [inserted by The Public Bodies (Joint Working)(Scotland) Act 2014 (Consequential Modifications and Saving Order 2015 (SSI 2015/157].

The pdf and html have both been updated within the document to reflect these changes.


Children And Young People (Scotland) Act 2014
Interpretation Of Frequently Used Terms
Section 7: Introductory
Section 8: Requirement To Prepare Children's Services Plans
Section 9: Aims Of Children's Services Plans
Section 10: Children's Services Plan - Process
Section 11: Children's Services Plan - Review
Section 12: Implementation Of Children's Services Plan
Section 13: Reporting On Children's Services Plan
Section 14: Assistance In Relation To Children's Services Planning
Section 15: Guidance In Relation To Children's Services Planning
Section 16: Directions In Relation To Children's Services Planning
Section 17: Children's Services Planning - Default Powers Of Scottish Ministers
Enforcement Of Part 3
Links With Other Statutory Plans And Reports
Appendix A: Further Legislative And Policy Context
Appendix B: Part 3 Duties By Person(S) And Organisation
Appendix C: Statutory Planning And Reporting Requirements
Appendix D: Care Inspectorate's 10 Steps To Successful Children's Services Planning
Appendix E: Further Information And Guidance