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Advice Note - Prioritisation Process

Advice Note - Prioritisation Process

Thursday, September 22, 2016

ISBN: 9781786524485

This advice note has been prepared to support the Statutory Guidance for Strategic Commissioning Plans and should be read along-side the statutory guidance. The purpose of the advice note is to describe the key characteristics that should be incorporated as an integral part of a Partnership's prioritisation process.

Executive Summary

The allocation of resources to improve outcomes is a key task of Integration Authorities, particularly in view of the challenges of increasing demand for health and social care services coupled with increasingly tight finances.

This requires the adoption of a prioritisation process that will support decisions about investment and disinvestment.

The process itself must be fair, practical and proportionate, and assist Partnerships deliver new models of care that are sustainable and focused on improving outcomes.

Taking a human rights based approach will provide an additional supportive framework, underlining the importance of engaging with people affected by decisions in the prioritisation process.