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HSCI Guidance: Facilitating the Journey of Integration

HSCI Guidance: Facilitating the Journey of Integration

Monday, December 21, 2015

ISBN: 9781785449178

Guidance that Integration Joint Boards may wish to draw upon as they pursue Health and Social Care Integration and look at their own individual and collective development needs

Executive Summary

This guide is designed for use by a broad audience of those helping to support Integration Joint Boards as they establish themselves and begin to formulate their shared strategic vision for the partnership.

In considering the unique support requirements of Integration Joint Boards and their members, it is important to recognise that individual members will bring a variety of different skills, knowledge and understanding of particular issues to the Board.

It is recommended that to support development approaches, IJBs start to collect data and insights that allow for the establishment of individual and collective development programmes. This will help to ensure that IJB members have the skills, knowledge and support to carry out their roles and ensure that they effectively scrutinize the governance arrangements which are in place.