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eHealth Strategy 2014-2017

eHealth Strategy 2014-2017

Monday, March 9, 2015

ISBN: 9781785441394

The eHealth Strategy 2014 – 2017 sets a national direction through a common vision and set of key aims. The Strategy maintains a significant focus on healthcare and the needs of NHSScotland, but has been redeveloped to recognise the rapidly evolving environment of integrated health & social care and the need to address not only NHSScotland requirements, but also the expectations and requirements of partnership organisations, and citizens for electronic information and digital services.

Executive Summary

We have a related 2020 eHealth Vision that everyone’s health and wellbeing can be better supported through greater use of digital technology. eHealth is the key to how we access, use and, share information within and across NHS Boards and with partner organisations in order to deliver integrated health and social care; how we support patients and their carers to make informed decisions to manage their health and wellbeing; and how we use health data appropriately to improve the effectiveness of services and treatment and make significant advances in medical research.

This document is the refreshed 2014–2017 eHealth Strategy. It reflects developments since 2011 and includes a perspective out to 2020. Not unexpectedly, it retains a significant focus on healthcare and the needs of NHS Scotland. However, it is important to note that the strategic direction in Scotland is towards the provision of integrated health and social care, and this will be reflected in the future development of eHealth. Associated with this will be a further shift in focus from the internal needs of NHS Scotland towards joint requirements with local government and third sector partners, and, in particular, the expectations and requirements of citizens and patients for electronic information and digital services.