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Central Government ICT Assurance Framework

The ICT Assurance Framework applies to Central AssuranceGovernment Organisations in Scotland under the jurisdiction of Scottish Ministers or responsible to the Scottish Parliament.

The framework supports Senior Responsible Owners (SROs) and Accountable Officers (AOs) in assuring the delivery of projects and programmes involving substantial investment in ICT.  It allows SROs to identify and access the support required to achieve successful delivery of their projects and programmes.

The framework assists the Central Government sector in ensuring that proposed investments are aligned with Scotland’s Digital Future: Delivery of Public Services; including identifying of opportunities for collaboration and shared services and provide an overview of the investment in, and management of, ICT of central government programmes and projects and any actions needed to ensure successful delivery.

A number of tools are provided within the framework which is based on principles of best practice.

The Investment Plan Checklist should be completed for all projects.  It identifies key questions to be considered during a project or programme covers governance, business alignment, funding and change control as well as the organisations capacity and capability to deliver.

Organisations may find the Assurance Plan Template helpful to keep track of the different forms of approvals that may be a factor in the lifecycle of the project. This is particularly useful in setting out arrangements for internal and independent assurance to ensure approvals and assurance are working together to deliver a successful projects.

For all Investments over £5m, the ICT Assurance Framework adopts and aligns with the procedures of the Programme and Project Management Centre of Expertise. The SRO or AO should complete a Risk Potential Assessment form in order to assess the Independent Assurance needs of the project.  Independent reviewers are likely to find completed checklists a helpful input to their assurance and therefore a completed ICT Investment Plan Checklist will be expected by them.

Enquiries - Any enquiries relating to the Assurance Framework should be directed to OCIOAssurance@scotland.gsi.gov.uk in the first instance. Every effort will be made to respond, or pass your query on to the responsible team / individual 3 working days.