HM Fire Service Inspectorate: local area inspection report - Argyll and Bute

Details of the result of an inspection by HMFSI of SFRS service delivery within the local authority area of Argyll and Bute including findings and recommendations.

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Glossary and Abbreviations

CFF Community Firefighter
CSA Community Safety Advocate
CSE Community safety engagement
DACO Deputy Assistant Chief Officer
Dual crewed An arrangement where more than one fire appliance is crewed by the same crew
FSE Fire safety enforcement
HFSV Home fire safety visit
LALO Local Area Liaison Officer
LCMS Learning content management system: an online learning resource for firefighters
LSO Local Senior Officer: by law the SFRS has to appoint an LSO for each local authority area in Scotland
PPE Personal protective equipment
PPED Prevention and protection enforcement database
RDS Retained Duty System
Relevant premises Non-domestic premises to which fire safety law applies
RVDS A term used to collectively describe RDS and VDS
SDA Service Delivery Area (the SFRS is organised into three SDAs, North, East and West)
SFRS Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
TED Training and Employee Development
UFAS A false alarm incident in non-domestic premises where the SFRS is called out as a consequence of a fire alarm operating
VDS Volunteer Duty System
2005 Act Fire (Scotland) Act 2005



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