Command and Control: aspects of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Incident Command System

Examines the Service’s effectiveness and efficiency of areas within the SFRS Incident Command System (ICS), Organisational learning and IC Training, with particular focus on the Command and Control of Operational Incidents.

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6 Glossary and abbreviations

An explanation of abbreviations used can be found in the table below.

(During this thematic review the SFRS changed the nomenclature of its operational command roles, moving from manager to commander e.g. Area Manager became Area Commander. The glossary below depicts the up-to-date role names).

AC: Area Commander

ARA: Analytical Risk Assessment

CAR: Community Asset Register

CCF: Command and Control Futures Project

CCO: Civil Contingency Officer

COMAH: Control of Major Accident Hazards

CSU: Command Support Unit

DACO: Deputy Assistant Chief Officer

DRA: Dynamic Risk Assessment

FBU: Fire Brigades Union

FDO: Flexi Duty Officer

FRS: Fire and Rescue Service

GC: Group Commander

HAZMAT: Hazardous Materials

HMFSI: Her Majesty's Fire Service Inspectorate

H&S: Health and Safety

HS&W: Health Safety and Wellbeing

Incident Commander

ICA: Incident Command Assessment

ICS Incident Command System

ICT: Information and Communication Technologies

IEM: Integrated Emergency Management

ISO: International Organization for Standardization

JESIP: Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme

JOSIC: Joint On Scene Incident Command

LCMS: Learning Content Management System

NFCC: National Fire Chiefs Council – is a professional body that drives collective improvement and development throughout the UK FRSs.

NRAT: National Resilience Assurance Team – supports the deployment of National Resilience assets in England and Wales

OA: Operational Assurance

OC: Operations Control

PDA: Pre-Determined Attendance

R&R: Response and Resilience: operational planning to ensure the right resources are available at the right time and in the right locations.

SC: Station Commander

ScoRDS: Scottish Resilience Development Service – exists to enhance knowledge, skills and behaviours amongst Civil Contingency Responders in Scotland in order to ensure effective resilience planning, response and recovery.

SD: Service Delivery

SDA: Service Delivery Area

SFRS: Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

SG: Scottish Government

SLT: Strategic Leadership Team

SMARTEU: Scottish Multi-Agency Resilience Training and Exercise Unit

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

Tac-ad: Tactical advisor

TED: Training and Employee Development

TfOC: Training for Operational Competence

UIG: User Intelligence Group

WC: Watch Commander

2005 Act: The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005



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