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School Education - Publications

Current publications

Following a series of consultations with users in 2010 a number of collections and publications were discontinued. In addition, from December 2010 we began to publish a small number of compendium publications rather than separate topic based publications.

Our current publications are listed below, along with summary information on their contents:

Achievement of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) Levels

This contains the results of the Achievement of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) Levels data collection, detailing pupils’ achievement (based on Teachers Professional Judgements) in reading, writing, listening and talking and numeracy. These data are experimental statistics and were published on 13 December 2016.

Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN)

This publication summarises the results from the Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN), an annual sample survey which monitors national performance in literacy and numeracy in alternate years, for school pupils at P4, P7 and S2.

Summary Statistics for Attainment, Leaver Destinations and Healthy Living

This contains the results of the initial and follow-up leaver destination surveys (S3-S6), post appeal attainment, school meals and physical education provision surveys.

Summary Statistics for Schools in Scotland

This contains the results of the annual pupil census, annual teacher census, pre-school data, school estate survey data. Attendance and absence data and exclusions data are also included but only on a biennial basis.

Initial Destinations of Senior Phase School Leavers

This contains information on the initial destinations of senior phase (S4-S6) school leavers. 

Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)

This contains an analysis of Scotland’s performance in The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). This is an international assessment of student attainment in reading, maths and science at age fifteen and takes place every three years.

More detailed information on each of the topics contained in these compendium publications and other useful information is available in the Datasets section.


Historic Publications

Links to publications released before December 2010 are now on a separate page, Historic Publications and are listed by topic.


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Further Information

Background information on our publication lists, including information on how to register for regular updates.

There is also a Historic Online Index of all publications produced for the Education and Children and Young Statistics themes, between 1997 and 2011, broken down by year of publication.