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Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation: 2009 General Report

DescriptionScottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2009: General Report
Official Print Publication DateOctober 2009
Website Publication DateOctober 29, 2009


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ISBN 978 0 7559 8149 6

This document is also available in pdf format (9.6mb)


Chapter 1: Summary
Key facts (Overall SIMD)
Key facts (Change over time)
Key facts (Employment domain)
Key facts (Income domain)
Key facts (Health domain)
Key facts (Education domain)
Key facts (Access domain)
Key facts (Crime domain)

Chapter 2: Introduction and Methodology

Chapter 3: SIMD Results
Overall results
Most deprived datazones by Local Authority
Most deprived datazones by Health Board and CHP
Most deprived datazones by Urban Rural Classification
Change over time

Chapter 4: Employment domain

Chapter 5: Income domain

Chapter 6: Health domain

Chapter 7: Education domain

Chapter 8: Geographic Access domain

Chapter 9: Crime domain

Chapter 10: Housing domain

Chapter 11: Case Study - Highland

Chapter 12: Local Authority analysis
Explanation of charts
Bar code charts for all Local Authorities
Local Authority Pages

Annex A: Useful Links
Annex B: SIMD 2006 and SIMD 2009 domains and indicator weights
Annex C: Correlation Matrix
Annex D: Datazones in the 15% most deprived on overall SIMD by Health Board and Community Health Partnership
Annex E: Population changes

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland
SIMD2009 Methodology
Map - Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2009