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Education Statistics Privacy Notice

The Scottish Government and its partners collect and use information about pupils and staff in schools to help to improve education across Scotland.

The Education Statistics Privacy Notice below is intended to provide information to pupils, teachers and parents about data collected and processed by the Scottish Government including why it is needed, our data policy and individuals’ data protection rights.

It is the responsibility of local authorities to ensure that pupils, teachers and parents are kept informed about how data will be used and to ensure that such information provided is reviewed regularly to ensure it is in line with best practice.  To support this, local authorities may use or customise (including customisation for accessibility purposes) this notice as required for any of the following:

  • Inclusion in school handbooks

  • Including with information made available on school / local authority web pages

  • Issuing with the annual data check forms provided to pupils and teachers

Education Statistics Privacy Notices

Downloadable document:

Title:Education Statistics Privacy Notices
Description:Information regarding Education Statistics Privacy Notices
File:EAS Learning Analysis Unit - Privacy Notice [DOCX, 54.6 kb: 24 May 2018]
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