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Poverty in Scotland

This section presents evidence on poverty in Scotland. Different groups of the population may have different causes of poverty. The causes of poverty are not necessarily linear or direct - poverty tends to be the conflux of a number of events which combined result in household poverty. Some of these events are macro-economic events (such as availability of  employment with the hours and pay rates to lift individuals out of poverty), and some are related to equality characteristic (gender, ethnicity, disability).

The official poverty statistics and a range of evidence are presented. Use the links below to search for evidence.

Latest statistics

The latest statistics on poverty and income inequality in Scotland can be found here (published March 2017):

Poverty and Income Inequality in Scotland: 2015/16

Infographic summary


New statistics on Persistent Poverty in Scotland can be found here (published March 2017):

Persistent Poverty in Scotland: 2010-2015


A summary of poverty statistics for 2014/15 can be found at the links below, these will be updated for 2015/16 in due course:

Summary of poverty in Scotland - 2014/15

Comparisons of poverty in Scotland and the UK - 2014/15

Further information on poverty rates for different groups of the population can be found here:

Poverty equality analysis - 2014/15 (Published August 2016)

Characteristics of poverty - 2014/15 (Published August 2016)

Poverty by family type and employment status - 2014/15 (Published August 2016)

Poverty rates for single working age adults - 2014/15 (Published August 2016)

Poverty in Scotland