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Latest Updates

January 2017

Scottish Survey Core Questions and Scottish Household Survey question review- Proforma


November 2016

The SHS 2015 Local Authority Tables were published on Friday 4 November 2016.  

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Key Resources

Scottish Household Survey

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A survey of the people of Scotland

The survey is designed to provide accurate, up-to-date information about the characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of Scottish households and individuals on a range of issues. For more information, please see our Survey Details pages.


The purpose of this website is to provide some background to the survey, to keep interested parties up-to-date with the progress of the survey and to provide summary information on the outcomes from the survey as the results become available. Please refer to our Publications page to get a run-down on the regular series of outputs we produce. Our How to get Results pages outline the processes involved in accessing SHS data for secondary use.


The Scottish House Condition Survey (SHCS) is now a fully integrated module of the SHS.  For further information including the latest results please see the SHCS website

Further Information

The following information is available from the SHS website:

  • News - latest and archived news on key activities
  • Publications - overview of the range of publications produced through the SHS
  • Data Access - summary of procedures for gaining access to SHS data
  • How to Get Results - accessing SHS data and information on sources and suitability
  • Survey Details - information including methodology and survey content
  • Interviewees - outline of key information for interviewees
  • User Engagement (ScotStat) - overview of communication and consultation with users and providers and survey reviews
  • FAQs - frequently asked questions about the SHS
  • Links - relevant links
  • Contacts - contact details for the SHS project team

Consultation and Planning

If you want to keep up-to-date with SHS news and developments, register your interest in the SHS through the 'Population and Household Surveys' topic in the ScotStat Register.

You can also refer to our Consultation (ScotStat) page for specific information about the SHS.