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Community Empowerment Unit

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Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill

The proposed Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill will support communities to achieve their own goals and aspirations through taking independent action and by having their voices heard in the decisions that affect their area.


On 6 June 2012 Derek Mackay, Minister for Local Government and Planning, launched an exploratory consultation on a range of ideas for the proposed Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill designed to:

  • strengthen community participation
  • unlock enterprising community development; and
  • renew our communities. 

 Ideas in the consultation paper include:

  • the possible extension of a community right to buy to urban Scotland;
  • giving local people a greater say in local budget decisions;
  • giving communities a right to challenge local public service delivery if it is not meeting their needs:
  • giving local authorities greater powers to deal with empty homes and buildings;
  • allotments legislation should be amended to better support communities taking forward grow-your-own projects: and
  • exploring how existing legislation can be better used to allow Local Authority and RSL tenants to manage their housing.

These ideas have been developed through discussion with our partners in the wider public, private, third and community sectors. The initial consultation closed on 26 Sep 2012.

During the consutlation period the Scottish Government worked with COSLA to hold a series of roadshows across Scotland with elected, local authority and community planning officials to discuss the consultation.

The Community Empowerment Unit also attending a number of talks and workshops across Scotland to talk to local community and third sector groups about the consultation and the proposed Bill.

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Next Steps

447 responses which have been analysed independently. The CERB Reference Group were given the opportunity to consider the content of the draft analysis, in advance of publication, for discussion at its meeting on 13 November 2012.

An independent analysis of the reponses was undertaken and this, along with the non-confidential responses are available here:

The responses and the input of the CERB Reference Group will help inform the development of a draft Bill to be consulted on in Summer 2013. 


Our Great Ideas website logoA new website www.our-great-ideas.org will help people to improve lives in their community by sharing ideas and successes. This website will celebrate the fantastic community projects already out there, making a difference. Projects could include making communities greener, improving local services, or providing better youth, art or health groups.

Mr Mackay at BroomhouseLocal Government Minister Derek Mackay visited one of the inspiring projects already featured on the site, The Broomhouse Health Strategy Group, to launch the website (pictured). This group of residents helps people in the area stay healthy by selling affordable fruit and vegetables and offering free lessons on cooking on a budget.


It is also hoped the experiences of those involved can help see what can be done through the proposed Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill to make it easier for communities to take action, get involved and make a difference.

Visit the site and share the successes of your community project today!