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Community Engagement and Empowerment

Scotland's communities are a rich source of energy, creativity and talent. They are made up of people with rich and diverse backgrounds who each have something to contribute to making Scotland flourish. The role of Government is to help communities to work together to fulfil their potential.

What is Community Empowerment?

The Scottish Government is committed to our communities being supported to do things for themselves – community empowerment – and to people having their voices heard in the planning and delivery of services – community engagement and participation.

What are the benefits of empowering communities?

Where communities are empowered we would expect to see a range of benefits: local democratic participation boosted; increased confidence and skills among local people; higher numbers of people volunteering in their communities; and more satisfaction with quality of life in a local neighbourhood. Better community engagement and participation leads to the delivery of better, more responsive services and better outcomes for communities.

What is the Scottish Government doing to empower communities in Scotland?

The Scottish Government is taking forward action in a number of areas and is working closely with partners to help to support and promote community empowerment and engagement. These pages highlight a number of policies as well as guidance and tools developed to promote community empowerment.

The Scottish Government will continue to develop this agenda working closely with COSLA, in the spirit of the concordat, and with colleagues in the third sector.