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For Staff Governance:


0131 244 5035

For Employee Experience:


0131 244 2951

NHSScotland Confidential Alert Line


Whistleblowing Alert and Advice Services for NHSScotland  

Staff in our NHS should feel confident to raise concerns about patient safety or malpractice with their line manager, HR Department or trade union representative.

If, however, staff are unsure about whether or how to raise a concern, or worry about doing so, independent, confidential advice and support is available on Freephone number 0800 008 6112. 

Whistleblowing Alert and Advice Services (formally known as the NHSScotland Confidential Alert Line) is run by Public Concern at Work (PCaW), an independent whistleblowing charity. It provides a safe space where support and advice is provided by legally trained staff, and where appropriate, concerns can be passed to the appropriate body:

Whistleblowing Alert and Advice Services also provides:

  • Information on the numbers of cases referred to Healthcare Improvement Scotland

  • A package of resources and training for staff and managers on the complex issues and support mechanisms surrounding whistleblowing

  • Dedicated advice on protections afforded to whistleblowers through the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) 1998

We have annual data about the numbers and types of calls to the service from 2013-2017.



Reports on the service


As part of the contract PCaW has provided the following evaluation reports: