Public Procurement Reform Programme (PPRP)

In response to John McClelland’s report ‘Review of Public Procurement in Scotland’ the Public Procurement Reform Board was established in 2006. The Board acts as a driving force for change within public sector procurement in Scotland, promoting collaborative working across a wide range of procurement activities and practice across all public sector procurement spend.

The programme has made a real impact on public sector spending to date, with initiatives and activities continuing to support the changing procurement landscape. New legislation in the form of the Procurment Reform Act (Scotland) Act 2014 and European procurement directives will define phase three of the programme.

April 2014 brought about the third phase of the programme moving from a ‘government-led, public sector owned’ to a truly collaborative partnership approach with public, business and third sectors.

Phase three, covers a three year period from 2014/15 to 2016/17. This phase focuses on the following strategic objectives, which will be supported by the continuous development of procurement people:

  • efficiency and collaboration
  • deliver savings and benefits (economic, social and environmental)
  • improve access to public sector contracts, in particular, small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • making sustainable procurement business as usual
  • procurement capability