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RAFA Launch

Our Vision

"Scotland should be the best place to learn. We want each child to enjoy an education that encourages them to be the best they can be and provides them with a full passport to future opportunity"

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Programme Driver Diagram

Driver Diagram

The Model for Improvement

  • The Model for Improvement provides a framework for developing, testing and implementing changes leading to improvements, which, when used consistently by those delivering public services, has been proven to achieve long term positive change that significantly impacts on outcomes.
  • The Model supports practitioners by encouraging the testing of new and creative approaches to implementing ‘what’ needs to be delivered in practice. It creates the conditions to discover ‘how’ to implement change in the local context that meets the needs of the environment and the people involved.

Raising Attainment for All Programme

The Raising Attainment for All Programme was launched in June 2014, to support consistent improvement in attainment and achievement through the development of a collaborative learning system which supports the implementation of improvement methodology and enables shared learning across the country. The programme has adopted the Model for Improvement methodology, which is based on the 3-Step Improvement Framework for Scotland’s Public Services.

The programme is being delivered to schools and authorities as part of a ‘collaborative’, as with the Early Years Collaborative. This involves bringing groups of participating schools and authorities together for ‘all teach / all learn’ learning sessions. The schools involved with the programme are identifying their own areas for action and are being supported by professional Improvement Advisors to help them identify clear aims, measures and change ideas which will support the iterative testing of new ways of working to improve performance.

Key Facts

  • 24 Local Authorities and over 250 schools across Scotland have committed to becoming part of this learning community which will support the implementation of improvement methodology and enable shared learning across the country.
  • The authorities are split into four regions and each region has a dedicated Improvement Advisor working with the schools, supporting them to use the Model for Improvement in practice and helping them to achieve implementation and spread of changes that are shown to be effective.
  • The schools involved in the programme are identifying their own areas for action, with emerging themes being literacy; numeracy; parental involvement; teaching quality; study skills / home learning; nurture; resilience and emotional wellbeing; and leadership.

Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap