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Food and Drink - National Policy - Food is Available and Affordable to All

Ensuring Food is available and affordable to all

It is the Scottish Government's profound belief that every single person in Scotland should be able to access healthy, affordable and sustainable food.

fruit and veg at rhsThe Scottish Government knows that poverty impacts on people's health and their ability to buy healthy, sustainable food.

Three frameworks on; poverty and income inequality; health inequalities and the early years set out the approach to tackle the long standing drivers of deprivation in Scotland. They explain how the early years are a national priority, and how the Scottish Government is focussing support and investment on deprived and vulnerable children and their families.

The Scottish Government will fight poverty and deprivation wherever it is found.

Community Food and Health Scotland published their report 'Hard to Stomach' in March 2011 which sets out a series of recommendations on tackling food access and affordability.