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Did you know that Scottish schools are Eco-Schools 'world leaders'? Thanks to Scottish Government-funding, Eco-Schools Scotland has amongst the highest level of school participation in the world!

ecoschoolsAlmost 98% of local authority schools in Scotland are now participating in the Eco-Schools programme, making a commitment to raise awareness of environmental and sustainable development issues and to keep improving their environmental performance.

The Scottish Government has provided funding through to 2017 to deliver specific work on the Food and the Environment Topic. This will enable pupils to:

• Understand the range of food choices available.
• Understand the resources and skills required for food production and processing.
• Recognise the value of healthy, stable ecosystems to food production.
• Understand the wider environmental implications of food choices.
• Recognise the dimension of social responsibility in food choices.
• Recognise our own food culture within a diversity of food cultures.