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Area 2-H (South)
Planning & Architecture Division,
The Scottish Government
Victoria Quay

Key Documents

Circular 10/2009 - Planning Enforcement

Planning Enforcement Charter: A guide to enforcing planning controls
Example of a Planning Enforcement Charter


Planning permission is required for all development that takes place in Scotland, although some minor work may be considered 'permitted development' and not require specific permission. Sometimes, however, developers or householders undertake work without planning permission or fail to keep to the permission they have been given.

Generally a planning authority will try to resolve a breach through discussion with the landowner or developer, however this may not always be possible. Planning authorities have a range of statutory powers to enforce planning control, up to and including demolition or removal of illegal development

Authorities monitor developments to ensure planning controls are being followed but there is also a role for the public in alerting the council to any problems they become aware of. Planning authorities are required to publish Planning Charters setting out, among other things, how suspected breaches may be reported.