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Fair Rents (Regulated Tenancies)

A Fair Rent is a way to control private and social sector rented accommodation without a resident landlord and which was let before 2 January 1989. The Scottish Government's Rent Service Scotland provides valuations for tenants and landlords for Fair Rent registrations.

Fair Rents are worked out by a Rental Valuation Officer or the Private Rented Housing Panel, at the request of a landlord or tenant. The Rental Valuation Officer will set a rent based on a range of information about the property. This should be fair to both landlord and tenant.

A Fair Rent may be lower than a market rent and once registered cannot be changed before three years are up unless the landlord and tenant apply jointly or there has been a change in circumstances such as major repairs or improvements. There is no charge for the service.

Details of all registrations of fair rents on individual properties since November 1994 are available online on the Fair Rent eRegister or on on hard copy from the Rent Service Scotland office.

Fair rent is set based on market evidence, comparability and the condition and location of properties.

Only tenancies that began prior to January 2, 1989 can be registered in order to qualify for a Fair Rent.

If you think you are eligible to be registered for Fair Rent, a Fair Rent application form (RR1) should be fully completed and sent to The Rent Service Scotland, Second Floor, Endeavour House, 1 Greenmarket, DUNDEE, DD1 4QB. The furnishings sheet should only be completed if the landlord supplied the furniture.