Taxi and Private Hire Car Licensing: Best Practice for Licensing Authorities, Second Edition, April 2012

Guidance for local licensing auhtorities on the licensing of taxis and private hire cars and their drivers.


The Scottish Government first published its 'Taxi and Private Hire Car Licensing Best Practice for Licensing Authorities' in December 2007. The guidance set out to offer best practice advice to licensing authorities on a range of issues relating to the licensing of taxis, private hire cars and their drivers.

In recognition of a number of legislative changes that have been introduced since publication of the 2007 guidance the Scottish Government undertook a review during 2011. The consultation invited stakeholders to submit views on a pro forma questionnaire on the usefulness of the original guidance, the amendments proposed, adjustment to that advice and views and suggestions about any other items that might be included in the final version. The consultation commenced on 23 March 2011 and the period for submission of responses was extended from 17 June 2011 until 15 July 2011. A summary of responses will be published separately.

This revised guidance seeks to update the advice offered to reflect legislative change having regard to the views of stakeholders in the consultation process.


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