Publication - Minutes

Sex and Gender in Data working group meeting: January 2020

Published: 18 Feb 2020
Date of meeting: 20 Jan 2020

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 20 January 2020.

18 Feb 2020
Sex and Gender in Data working group meeting: January 2020

Attendees and apologies


  • Roger Halliday (RH)
  • Mark Hollinsworth (MH)
  • Lindsay Mathie (NHS ISD – in place of Elaine Strange)
  • Matthew Maycock (MM)
  • Simon Stockwell (SSt) (via phone)
  • Sean Stronach (SeS) (via phone)
  • Jon Hunter (JH) (via phone)
  • Anneli Lyon (AL) (via phone)
  • Poppy Wilson (PW) (Secretariat)
  • Eliza Swinn (ES) (via phone)
  • Michelle Monkman (MM) (via phone)


  • Elaine Strange
  • Simon Cameron
  • Sarah Munro
  • Melissa Randall

Items and actions

Welcome and review of actions from last meeting

RH welcomed attendees to the meeting, and invited introductions around the table and on the phone. Minutes from the previous meeting on 28 November were reviewed and agreed.

Discussion of draft proposal

RH gave an overview of the stakeholder engagement he has undertaken over December and Janaury, noting that there were mixed views, with consensus in some areas such as there being clear uses for data about sex, gender identity and getting good data about the trans population, and the importance of language, with less agreement on the terms that should be used.

The aim is to use the views gathered together with advice from the working group to firm up guidance for organisations on the issues they should consider around data about sex or gender, starting with the purpose for collecting the data and then helping people think through how they go about collecting data to deliver on that purpose.

Members around the table and on the phone invited to share their comments and views on putting together the guidance.

Public engagement events – update and discussion

The aim of these events is to facilitating a respectful discussion on what the Group has learnt so far, and to inform the proposal that is being developed by the working group. The intention is to engage in facilitated round-table discussion on the purposes of collecting data on sex and gender, examples of where this has been done well or not so well, and how this might work in practice.

RH request working group members to get in touch with availability to help facilitate.

Events are scheduled to take place in February: one in Glasgow (11 February) the other in Edinburgh (17 February). Individuals who expressed an interest in attending following RH’s blog updates will be invited to register to attend via Eventbrite.


RH thanked all for attending, and for their input to the meeting. Given that public engagement events are taking place in February, next meeting will be in March 2020.