Scottish Industrial Energy Transformation Fund: guidance - competition three

Guidance notes and application forms for the third call of the Scottish Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (SIETF).

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Grant offers, monitoring, evaluation and project set-up

Successful applicants: grant offer letter

If the results of the due diligence process are satisfactory, a Grant Offer Letter will be issued. The value of grant funding will be agreed through the signing of these documents. These should be signed and returned to us. The applicant will need to ensure compliance with conditions contained in the grant offer letter.

We reserve the right to adapt the terms of the grant offer letter for its needs in respect of the relevant project.

In the event an applicant refuses to agree to the terms of the grant offer letter or unduly delays the process of signing and returning these documents, we reserve the right to withdraw the grant offer letter and the applicant’s application under this process will be deemed to have been rejected/disqualified from the process. We will not be responsible for, nor will we make any commitment in respect of, costs that you may incur prior to the signature of any Grant Acceptance.


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