Apply for the Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund

This £10 million fund aims to help commercial deployment of tidal projects. Deployment of projects has been extended to September 2020.

Assessment criteria

Projects will be assessed against the following criteria:

Assessment criteria 1

The specific innovation supported through this fund fits within a credible long term strategy for levelised cost reduction for tried and tested tidal energy devices.

Applications should provide details of improvements to the commercial viability of devices to date. The application should also provide details of specific future activities, material or otherwise, that will complement the specific innovation funded through this call. The application should provide a clear breakdown of the current levelised cost, with a timeline showing how this can be reduced through the innovation supported in the project, and in the longer term.

Assessment criteria 2

The project demonstrates partnerships and/or collaboration across the Scottish supply chain that compliment and supports successful project delivery.

Applications should provide detail on project partnerships, highlighting the role of each partner and their involvement in the Scottish Supply Chain. Applications should also provide documentary evidence of support/involvement of project partners.

Assessment criteria 3

The project demonstrates a positive social and economic impact to Scotland.

Demonstrating this criteria should relate to impacts arising from the specific projects/activity supported through this fund, and not to the long term potential of tidal energy as a whole. Applications should highlight specific impacts (e.g. creating/retaining jobs, or enhancing economic development in local areas). The application should clearly detail the timescales over which the benefits described will be realised. Further guidance on demonstrating socio-economic impact of projects is detailed later in this guide.

Assessment criteria 4

The proposal presents a detailed and credible plan for dissemination of successful learning points from the project for benefit of the wider sector.

Applications should detail what information arising from the project will be available for dissemination across the marine energy sector, and should explicitly detail any information or learning points that is not intended to be released. The application should highlight the form of information sharing, for example through conference presentations, academic publications, industry bulletin etc. The application should also highlight how the lessons learned would benefit the sector beyond the tidal device to which the application relates.


If you have any questions regarding the fund please contact us at:
Post: Scottish Government
Emerging Energy Technologies
5 Atlantic Quay (4th floor)
150 Broomielaw
G2 8LU


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