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Rural Affairs, Food and Environment Research Strategy for 2016 - 2021

Published: 13 Feb 2015

This strategy sets out the principles and processes behind the investment the Scottish Government will make in research for the Rural Affairs, Food and Environment portfolio from 2016 to 2021.

Rural Affairs, Food and Environment Research Strategy for 2016 - 2021
How we will monitor progress

How we will monitor progress

We already monitor and evaluate our investment in research. We will develop this further by:

  • For the work within the Strategic Research Programme we will collect, and make public, measures of science excellence, benchmarked against other research funders on the basis of a range of scientific quality measures.
  • We will continue to undertake an independent mid-term review of the portfolio of research activity, engaging fully with stakeholders of the research as part of this.
  • For all research we fund, we will collect and make public information based upon case studies, user testimonies, and where possible, economic valuations, to demonstrate the impact and value of research on an economic and societal basis.
  • Throughout 2016-2021 we will continue to develop and refine the indicators we collect, recognising that detecting and understanding the impact of strategic research may take place over longer timescales to the more immediate and policy-focused research.
  • In 2016-2021 we will also develop specific indicators for new areas such as business partnership, accessibility of information and services, as well as seeking suitable benchmarks to enhance our understanding of value for money in the research we support.


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