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Mr Aaron Brazier

Fisheries Advice and Assessment Programme
Stock Assessment and Modelling Group
Fisheries Scientist


Marine Scotland Science, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB, UK

Pronouns: he/him/his

Details of specialism

With a background in oceanography and fisheries science, I joined the Marine Laboratory in early 2020. Generally, I am interested in fish biodiversity, with particular focus on demersal fish in the North Sea. My current research includes estimating maturity- and weight-at-age of North Shelf haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) ready for the ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Seas) Benchmark Meeting on Northern Haddock Stock (WKHAD) in 2022. Additionally, I am responsible for stock assessment of lemon sole (Microstomus kitt) in the North Sea as part of the ICES Working Group on the Assessment of Demersal Stocks in the North Sea and Skagerrak (WGNSSK) and scallops (Pecten maximus).

External committees and responsibilities



Marine Scotland Science
Scottish Government
Marine Laboratory
PO Box 101
375 Victoria Road
AB11 9DB


+44 (0)131 244 2500


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