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Dr Jared Wilson

Renewables and Energy Programme
Programme Manager 


Marine Scotland Science, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB, UK

Pronouns: he/him/his

Details of specialism

I manage the Renewables and Energy Programme which provides scientific support to policy development and licensing of energy production from renewable sources in Scottish waters, and provide advice on environmental aspects of the offshore oil and gas industries. The programme also provides advice to policy on environmental receptors of high conservation value (marine mammals, marine birds and diadromous fish) relating to the identification and management of Marine Protected Areas, development of conservation strategies, and potential pressures that may affect them.  

I have substantial experience of undertaking and managing the delivery of research on marine and terrestrial birds in the UK and overseas, large scale restoration of upland habitats, and provision of technical advice to government and industry. 

Main policy links

  • renewables 
  • marine energy
  • licenced marine activities
  • species and habitats
  • sectoral plans
  • cumulative effects
  • Marine Protected Areas
  • conservation strategies 
  • blue economy

External committees and responsibilities

  • member of the Marine Scotland Science Board
  • chair the Moray Firth and Forth and Tay Regional Advisory Groups for marine mammals and for seabirds 
  • chair the Scottish Marine Energy Research Programme Co-ordination Group
  • member of the OSPAR and ICES Joint Working Group on Seabirds
  • member of MASTS Renewable Energy Forum
  • member of Offshore Joint Industry Programme (ORJIP) for Ocean Energy 
  • member of Offshore Joint Industry Programme (ORJIP) for Offshore Wind
  • co-supervision of a number of marine energy related PhD students

Papers of relevance

Isaksson N, Cleasby IR, Owen E, Williamson BJ, Houghton JDR, Wilson J and Masden EA (2021) The Use of Animal Borne Biologging and Telemetry Data to Quantify Spatial Overlap of Wildlife with Marine Renewables. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 9, 263. 

Isaksson N, Masden EA, Williamson BJ, Costagliola-Ray MM, Slingsby J, Houghton JDR and Wilson J (2021) Assessing the effects of tidal stream marine renewable energy on seabirds: A conceptual framework. Marine Pollution Bulletin 157, 111314.

Waggitt J, Evans P, Hiddink JG, Andrade J, Banks A, Boisseau O, Bolton M, Bradbury G, Brereton T, Camphuysen K, Durinck J, Felce T, Fijn R, Garcia-Baron I, Garthe S, Geelhoed S, Gilles A, Goodall M, Haelters J, Hamilton S, Hartny-Mills L, Hodgins N, James K, Jessopp M, Kavanagh A, Leopold M, Lohrengel K, Louzao M, Markones N, Martinez-Cediera J, O’Cadhla O, Perry S, Pierce G, Ridoux V, Robinson K, Santos B, Saavedra C, Skov H, Steinen E, Sveegaard S, Thompson P, Vanermen N, Wall D, Webb A, Wilson J and Wanless S (2020) Distribution maps of cetacean and seabird populations in the North-East Atlantic. Journal of Applied Ecology 57(2), 253-269.

Macleod K, Lacey C, Quick N, Hastie G, Wilson J (2011) Guidance on survey and monitoring in relation to marine renewables deployments in Scotland, Volume II: Cetaceans and Basking Sharks. Scottish Natural Heritage Commissioned Report. 102pp.

Sparling C, Grellier K, Philpott E, Macleod K and Wilson J (2011) Guidance on survey and monitoring in relation to marine renewables deployments in Scotland, Volume III: Seals. Scottish Natural Heritage Commissioned Report. 92pp.

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