Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 section 142: guidance for licensing boards and local authorities

Guidance on section 142 of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 for licensing boards and local authorities.

Annex 6 Guidance on Clubs

Q How are clubs to be treated?

  • Brought within licensing system but special requirements to be recognised through licence conditions which have been discussed with clubs
  • Personal licence holder will be required but very small club will be exempted
  • Licence conditions provided to subordinate legislation committee and include:
    • Non-profit making
    • Written constitution and rules
    • Management committee or governing body elected by members
    • No person under 18 to be admitted unless to sporting club or students union
    • No member to have personal interest in alcohol sales
    • No visitors except as recorded in guest book and in company of a member
    • Minimum of 25 members

Q Who will be licence holders?

  • Premises - club itself or the committee
  • Personal - premises manager or member of club committee or club - doesn't matter.

Q Children?

  • As per normal arrangements under Act

Q Who has access to club?

  • Similar rules as at present
  • Events for public must be covered in operating plan

Q Clubs Included in overprovision assessment?

  • No, all private members clubs that come under the provisions of the Act will be exempt

Q What about guests, will they be able to buy alcohol?

  • Yes


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