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Initial submissions supporting the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery report: June 2020

Published: 22 Jun 2020

Publication of a selection of submissions following a programme of engagement to develop the Group's report.

22 Jun 2020
Initial submissions supporting the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery report: June 2020

With the support of the enterprise agencies, the Group undertook a robust and widespread programme of engagement in developing its report. In doing sought it sought knowledge and insights from those impacted by COVID-19 as well as those who will be vital to Scotland’s economic recovery including the business community,  trade unions, the third sector and wider civil society to inform its recommendations.

The group received over 350 separate responses through its programme of engagement and all those who have consented to their submissions being published will be made available before the end of July 2020. A link will be made available on this webpage once all of the submissions have been published. Ahead of this, however, and following publication of the Advisory Group’s report ‘Scotland needs a robust, resilient wellbeing economy’, please find a selection of initial submissions.

Citizens Advice Scotland

10 page PDF
145.7 kB

Corra Foundation

2 page PDF
12.5 kB


3 page PDF
316.2 kB

Cultural Advisory Group

3 page PDF
125.1 kB

Dr David Skilling

46 page PDF
3.2 MB

Heriot Watt Pulse Survey

24 page PDF
965.0 kB

Just Transition Commission

2 page PDF
218.4 kB

Poverty and Inequality Commission

14 page PDF
202.1 kB

Scotland's Rural College

5 page PDF
478.9 kB

Scottish Engineering

12 page PDF
474.9 kB

Scottish Enterprise

8 page PDF
285.0 kB

Scottish Funding Council

9 page PDF
496.3 kB

Scottish Natural Heritage

8 page PDF
865.5 kB

Scottish Trades Union Congress

19 page PDF
687.6 kB

Scottish Wildlife Trust

1 page PDF
669.9 kB

Universities of Stirling and Leeds

6 page PDF
472.8 kB

WISE Centre for Economic Justice

4 page PDF
20.2 kB

Young Scot

15 page PDF
678.2 kB

Scottish Futures Trust

38 page PDF
540.9 kB