Publication - Minutes

Independent Panel on Career Pathways for Teachers minutes: 27 November 2018

Published: 6 Dec 2018
Date of meeting: 27 Nov 2018
Date of next meeting: 13 Dec 2018
Location: University of Glasgow, St Andrews Building.

Note of the fourth meeting of the Independent Panel on Career Pathways for Teachers, held on 27 November 2018.

6 Dec 2018
Independent Panel on Career Pathways for Teachers minutes: 27 November 2018

Attendees and apologies


Moyra Boland (Chair), Deputy Head of School at the University of Glasgow

David Leng, Scottish Government

John Fyffe, ADES

Angela Wilson, SOLACE

Alison Weatherston, SCEL (full meeting)

Gillian Hamilton, SCEL (AM)

Andrea Bradley, EIS

Fiona Dalziel, SSTA

Tim Wallace, AHDS

Richard Bell, NASUWT (substitute for Jane Peckham)

Jim Thewliss, SLS

Stuart Robb, Scottish Government

Angela Felvus, Scottish Government – Support/Secretariat


Dougie Atkinson, VOICE

Jane Peckham, NASUWT

Clare Hicks, Scottish Government

Jayne Rowe, EIS

Kathy Cameron, COSLA

Neil Taylor, Scottish Council of Deans

Ken Muir, GTCS

David Roy, Scottish Government

Kristine Johnston, SPDS

Items and actions

Welcome and apologies

The Chair welcomed attendees to the fourth meeting on Career Pathways.

Apologies were received from the above.

CP 2018/35: Moyra to explore possibility of an extension to the timeline for reporting to the SNCT.

Note and actions from previous meeting - Tuesday 6 November

CP 2018/36: Union panel members to organise BME event. Moyra to attend.

Review of key themes from the teacher survey, stakeholders survey and engagement events

CP2018/37: Moyra to explore accuracy of Stakeholder survey question on page 9 of Stakeholder survey headline analysis of data paper: length of service and experience gained in promoted role.

Review of recommendations Post-its 

CP2018/38: Moyra, David, Jim and Andrea to review principle paper, including definitions of flexibly, an empowered school system, and teacher agency.  

CP2018/39: Panel to provide comments on Career Pathway diagram – Comments to Moyra and Angela by 7 December

Structure of report 

The structure of the report was discussed and agreed. The following actions were allocated to the panel members.

Allocated members to draft sections of the report, providing no more than 500 words on one side A4 paper per section.

All drafts to be submitted to Angela by 7 December.

Collated drafts will be issued to all panel members by 10 December for consideration at 13 December meeting. 

CP2018/40: Literature Review – John Fyffe and Ken Muir 

CP2018/41: Stakeholder engagements events – Moyra and Steven Parker

CP2018/42:   Teacher Survey - Moyra and Steven Parker

CP2018/43    Stakeholder Survey – Moyra and Steven Parker

CP2018/44:  Recent reports e.g. HT recruitment working group, diversity report and policy developments – Stuart and Gillian

CP2018/45: Recommendations – Moyra, David and Stuart

CP2018/46: Appendices – Angela

Date of next meeting and discussion

Thursday 13 December 10.00 – 13.00 General Teaching Council for Scotland, Clerwood House, 96 Clermiston Road, Edinburgh, EH12 6UT