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Coronavirus (COVID-19): tourism and hospitality sector

Guidance for the tourism and hospitality sector, including procedures for staff and customer safety and an operations checklist.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): tourism and hospitality sector
​​​​​​COVID vaccine certificates are needed to enter certain venues and events. Read vaccine certification guidance for businesses and event organisers.


As of 9 August Scotland’s protection levels are replaced by baseline measures.  These apply across the country.  Please refer to the central guidance and familiarise yourself with the detail.  You will need to consider the guidance in relation to your business and, where necessary, make plans for how to implement them.

In summary this includes:

  • legal requirement to wear face coverings in indoor settings subject to exemptions
  • legal requirement for businesses to continue to collect contact details from customers
  • limitations on numbers attending events

All previous content for the tourism and hospitality sector guidance is now superseded by the baseline measures. The purpose of this guidance therefore is to clarify sector specific questions relating to these mitigation measures. For more information please see the frequently asked questions section.

This page will be updated in due course with relevant material that relates specifically to the tourism and hospitality sector as may be necessary.

Safer workplaces guidance

Employers have a duty to manage workplace risks under existing health and safety legislation, in addition to the specific requirements set out in the Coronavirus regulations.

Although most legal COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, employers must continue to manage the risk of transmission of the virus in their workplace. This means that employers must:

  • follow the safer workplaces guidance
  • continue to conduct and regularly review COVID-19 risk assessments
  • continue to take steps to meet existing health and safety requirements
  • continue to consult the workforce on health and safety matters - talking to workers and their representatives helps reduce risks.

Safer workplaces guidance is available. 

Good practice

In addition to the baseline measures and safer workplaces guidance, we encourage businesses to continue with the good practice they have developed over the course of the Pandemic that has helped prevent viral spread. This would include for example, maximising ventilation, enhanced cleaning, table service and queue management at pinch points to prevent crowding.

For further information on good practice guidance, please see the good practice guidance page

Future Plans

We anticipate that it may be necessary to keep some mitigating measures in place until early 2022, in order to help manage the increased pressure the NHS will face over the winter period. However we will continue to review the position every 3 weeks to ensure any measures remain necessary and proportionate.

Weddings and funerals - for more information on the rules for weddings and funerals see the staying safe guidance (weddings and funerals section).


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