Coronavirus (COVID-19): social care worker death in service payment

Information on the social care worker death in service benefit, including who can apply and how to apply.

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Who is eligible

You can apply to the scheme, regardless of existing pensions or life assurance cover, if you are the survivor of a member of the social care workforce who has died in service and any of the following apply:

  • they had been working in a social care setting in the course of their employment, including self-employed during the period of the COVID-19 outbreak, had been working in environments where it may reasonably be concluded that they contracted the disease in the course of performing their duties; and had COVID-19 as a factor in their death documented on their death certificate, or
  • their cause of death is known or suspected (but not necessarily documented on a death certificate) to be at least partly attributable to COVID-19 infection, and they had been working in, or adjacent to, areas in which there had been persons with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis being cared for

Eligible workers may include staff working in the following services:

  • Adult care homes
  • Residential child care, including secure care
  • Care at Home (including Housing Support)
  • Other registered social care workers
  • Auxiliary and catering staff
  • Casual social care staff
  • Social Care Personal Assistants
  • Mental Health Officers
  • Non-registered social care workers
  • Social workers and related paraprofessional roles

In addition to the above eligible workers, staff listed below may also be eligible including:

  • Bank social care staff
  • Catering staff within social care settings
  • Auxiliary staff in social care settings
  • Agency staff working in the above services



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