Coronavirus (COVID-19): communications to the high risk group

Past communications to people in the highest risk group (previously the shielding list). These include translations and alternative formats.

People on the highest risk list receive regular updates and advice by letter. The first letter was issued on 26 March 2020. On this page we will publish letters sent to the highest risk list in recent months.

We will also publish some other communications for the highest risk list, like videos, and any alternative formats and translations that have been requested.

The letters and communications on this page were correct when they first went out, but may no longer be. Find current advice for the highest risk list on

British Sign Language

Coronavirus - your questions answered

Chief Medical Officer – end of highest risk list: May 2022

Chief Medical Officer – March guidance 2022

Chief Medical Officer – January guidance 2022

Chief Medical Officer – season’s greetings 2021

Chief Medical Officer – December guidance 2021

Chief Medical Officer - Omicron and winter updates letter: 16 December 2021

Chief Medical Officer – moving beyond Level 0: August 2021

Support to clear your head leaflet: August 2021

Chief Medical Officer - Level 0 changes: July 2021

Chief Medical Officer – household vaccination offer: May 2021

Chief Medical Officer – LFD test offer: April 2021

Chief Medical Officer - updated levels - over 16s: March 2021

Chief Medical Officer: updated levels: Under 16s: March 21

Chief Medical Officer electoral letter - over 16s - February 2021

Chief Medical Officer electoral letter - under 16s - February 2021

Balancing the risks of daily activities during coronavirus letter - 14 December 2020

Letter for new additions to shielding list – 3 December 2020

Christmas card

Christmas card: English version

Christmas card: Easy Read Version

Christmas card: large print version

Christmas card: Arabic version

Christmas card: Cantonese version

Christmas card: Japanese version

Christmas card: Urdu version

Protection Levels and vitamin D offer letter – 23 October 2020


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