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Coronavirus (COVID-19): early learning and childcare services

Non-statutory guidance to support the continued safe operation of ELC settings.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): early learning and childcare services
Allocation of spaces

Allocation of places

If capacity is reduced, careful consideration must be given to the allocation of places within a setting. Before making offers to parents, providers should consider the capacity within settings, and ensure that there is a clear and transparent approach to how allocations will be made.

Local authorities will continue to have duties in relation to the provision of funded ELC and other services. Scottish Government and Local Government will work together on the implementation of these duties, building on the principles laid out in the Strategic Framework.

Funded providers who are in partnership with a local authority to deliver places should discuss any changes in their capacity with their local authority to help with the development of a local delivery plan for funded ELC. Effective dialogue, transparency and partnership working between funded providers and local authorities will be essential to reach a shared understanding of capacity, cost and availability.

First published: 11 Aug 2021 Last updated: 13 Jan 2022 -