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Coronavirus (COVID-19): college lecturers one-off £400 payment

Published: 15 Sep 2021

Guidance for colleges and lecturers involved in supporting the delivery of National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses in academic year 2020 to 2021.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): college lecturers one-off £400 payment
Concerns and complaints


If we decide that you are not eligible for payment and you think this is wrong, you should speak with your employer who can explain how the result was determined

How to complain

Stage One

If you have spoken to your employer and you are still not satisfied, please contact to raise your concern.

We will aim to resolve your complaint informally within five working days. If this doesn't work you can take your complaint to stage two.

Stage Two

If you are not satisfied with the stage one resolution, please get in touch by: 

  • emailing:
  • writing to Scottish Government, Complaints, 1E.10, St Andrew's House, Edinburgh, EH1 3DG

An Investigating Officer will be appointed to prepare a comprehensive report and, if we have got things wrong, will recommend improvements.  

We will:

  • acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three working days
  • discuss the complaint with you to understand why you remain dissatisfied and what outcome you are looking for
  • give you a full response as soon as possible and within 20 working days
  • let you know if our investigation will take longer and will agree a time limit with you

If you are still dissatisfied after stage 2 you then have the option of asking the Scottish Public Service Ombudsman (SPSO) to investigate your complaint.

Independent investigation of your complaint by the Ombudsman

The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) is the final stage for complaints about public services in Scotland. 

The Ombudsman will normally only be able to act if you have followed stages one and two of the complaints process

You can write to the Ombudsman at: Freepost SPSO 

(You do not need to write anything else on the envelope or use a stamp)